Don’t forget to publish your app on these Android Markets

As an Android developer you have a ton options for publishing your app

The wonderful world of Android development; a bountiful world to explore, create, and publish without boundaries.  That’s the beauty of Android, and that’s a big difference between the iOS and Android ecosystems.  As an iOS developer you have one option of where to publish your app.  As an Android developer you have a ton of options.  Of course you will be publishing to the Google Play store for sure, and you’ve probably published to the Amazon App Store as well.  But why stop there?  What about alternatives to Google Play.  Publishing on additional markets costs you NOTHING, and has the potential to increase your downloads and profits.  Not all markets are great, but many of them offer great revenue share and promotions.    I’ve taken the time to compile an alphabetical list of the most reputable Android Markets available.  Explore the options, and let me know if I missed any.

The Authoritative List of Android Markets

1mobile1 Mobile – 1Mobile’s market accepts free apps and uploading apps is completely free of charge.  There is an approval process for your app to pass, which is a good idea since it ensures quality. 1Mobile has over 100 million installs, with more than 800,000 apps listed. Users are offered recommendations based on their needs and preferences, which provides excellent exposure for your app.  Developers have reported good numbers with 1 mobile.

amazonAmazon App Store – Amazon is now third in app markets thanks in part to their dedicated devices, the Fire Phone and Kindle Fire.  Revenue share is 70%, the same as Google Play.  The Free App of the Day feature makes an exception to Amazon’s 70%, giving the developer 0% of the list price during the feature day, but is a great way to gain exposure.  Total apps listed is currently over 240,000 which has been growing very fast lately.   One thing to keep in mind, Amazon devices are pre-installed with the Amazon App Store, NOT Google Play.  Considering how popular their devices are, this is a huge advantage.  Publishing is free and they even allow video.

andapponlineAnd App Online – Andapp lists apps by multiple categories.  Latest releases, featured apps, most popular, most visited, top paid, top  free, and top contributors.  Their client offers a way for users to search, browse, and otherwise find your app.

android blipAndroid Blip – Androidblpi is a large and robust android market.  It’s absolutely free to publish and takes less than a minute to do it. The app submission process is completely automated. Once you submit your application you will be able to see it on the site right away.  You can reach thousands of new users with Androidblip by simply listing your app.  Only apps that are available on Google Play can be submitted.

android pitAndroid Pit – AndroidPit boasts one of the largest resources of Android apps available outside of Google Play.  Your app is accompanied with a rating and clear description and is listed via category to make it that much easier to find.  Android Pit also has a dedicated review section that is quite popular.  Because of this, most apps are subject to rigorous testing, which is great if you have a good quality app.  They have a popular top 10 chart which drives a lot of traffic to popular apps as well. Developers have reported good numbers with Android Pit.

androlibAndro Lib – They boast over 19 million apps downloaded which is not to shabby.  Androlib features apps in various categories which helps to generate exposure. They have a robust statistics page that continuously displays performance.  Publishing to Androlib is completely free with a straight forward publishing process.

appbrainApp Brain – App Brain helps you earn extra money with your app with the free AppLift SDK by AppBrain.  Publishing is a breeze by just entering the Google Play url. They help you optimize too with their Apptimizer.  It investigates key aspects that influence your app’s popularity and suggests concrete actions when weaknesses are detected.  And of course they offer promotion packages as well.  App Brain is a leader the Android ecosystem and brands itself as a more social approach to an app store. It sells itself as an app recommendation system.

appchinaApp China – App China is a large network for publishing apps to the Chinese market.  Fill in the app name and description, upload screenshots and software packages.  Upload process can be done quickly in a few minutes.

applandApp Land – Appland claims to quality assure every app, which is a good thing if you have a great app.  App purchases are easily paid through the mobile phone bill, relieving you of any registration or use of credit card.  Uploading material is free, easy, and fast.  You can tag your app with geographical coordinates, get extensive statistics, and cost effective training.  The Appland Store is a robust resource that lets you list your app alongside other top apps.

appmarketApp Market – Very little information.  They claim to have better monetization due to lower competition.  You can easily distribute your app through AppMarket by using their developer portal.

appsberryApps Berry – Appsberry boasts 8 million downloads globally with maximum developer support.  They claim to be one of the leading Android mobile app stores.  Submitting your app is pretty straight forward with a basic registration form.  The browser is very simple, stream lined, and separates categories into games and apps.

appslibApps Lib – Appslib is present on over 2 million Android tablets from a range of manufacturers including Archos, Arnova and Naxa among many others.  Since it is preinstalled on these devices, Appslib is often the first stop for users of these brands.  They give you manufacturers tools to test your apps on their devices, giving you approved logos specific to certain devices, and allowing better placement of applications for the right tablet.  Applib provides paid for apps, with payment carried out through Paypal and a simple revenue share of 70% to developer, 30% for Appslib to cover costs.  Payments go directly to your paypal account.  Thanks to Paypal’s wide coverage and simple pre-approved pin payment system, payment on AppsLib is available in almost all countries and currencies.

aptoideAptoide – Aptoide gives you 75% revenue share, which is higher than the 70% you often see.  They have a certified publishers program which ultimately helps increase apps downloads.  Their billing solution is easy to integrate too.  They have a pretty powerful network which allows you to distribute to several devices, networks, and countries.  They do have resources as well to help you optimize your downloads and promote your apps.

camangiCamangi – The Camangi Market is a newer resource for publishing your apps to Android Tablets.  They believe in the developer and believe that your app can grow with their network. They provide excellent service and provide many resouces to help you along the way.  I was unable to locate any numbers for Camangi.

cnetCNET – Through, CNET boasts 74 million unique users every month, exposure in over 200 countries, and more than 100 million downloads each month.  Registering and uploading is free.  They also offer multiple promotional packages for your app.

fdroidF-Droid – The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.. Every app on their store has an Apache or GNU open source license. Apps that come with premium add-ons or ads are allowed, but are not displayed by default.  F-Droid automatically updates every app installed through F-Droid.

getjarGet Jar – GetJar does a great job of initial promotion, getting you exposure on their channels right away.  According to their website, they have over 3 million downloads a day and reach over 2,300 devices with  They have hardly any requirements when uploading your apps, and it is completely free to do so.  They boast over 70,000 apps in there market.  GetJar adds new paid apps to its free “Gold Apps” section every week.  Developers have reported good numbers with Get Jar.

googleplayGoogle Play – Google Play is the number one market for publishing your app.  Revenue share is 70% and has over 1.3 million apps published.  Upload apps, build your product pages, configure prices and distribution, and publish. You can manage all phases of publishing on Google Play through the Developer Console, from any web browser.  You have tools to set prices for your apps and in-app products. Your app can be free to download or priced, requiring payment before download.

handsterHandster – Handster is now Opera Mobile Store.  See Opera Mobile Store below.

hypermarkHypermarket – Hyper Market lists apps in most categories.  I could find very limited information for this site.

insydeInsyde – Insyde is a publicly traded company with there own market and resources for the developer.  Easy to use, familiar environment.  Users can quickly download useful applications.  Potential for special opportunities with device vendors and distribution channels.

mobogenieMobo Genie – Mobogenie is a very popular resource with 440 million installations in 252 countries.  They even guarantee you will get 10,000 new users, which is astounding.  Mobogenie also boasts over 60,000 downloads a day.  Their profit sharing is 2:8 which is very good.  It’s free to publish and their payment platform has a larger global coverage than Google Play.  They do a good job through their phone and pc client promoting your app and getting you more downloads.  They also provide professional networking services, a 24-hour SDK access service, professional technical support, and a customer service that guarantees users a 4-hour maximum reply time

operaOpera – Opera acquired its app store though a purchase of Handster in 2011.  Opera Mobile Store is one of the leading mobile app stores & digital application distribution platform for the developers of mobile apps in the world, it provides over 200,000 apps and games for more than 6,000 different mobile phone models.  Available in 230 countries.  Over 105 million visitors.  2 million apps downloaded everyday.  Users can access the Opera Mobile Store from any mobile browser. The Opera Mobile Store developer portal not only welcomes mobile developers to publish their apps to multiple platforms at once, but also provides a promotional platform for their apps.
pholoadPhoload – Phoload is a new community site designed to make it simple, easy, and fun to discover and download free mobile apps and games. They provide a great service for developers, and make it easy to upload and share software for mobile devices.

galaxy storeSamsung Galaxy Apps – Samsung Galaxy Apps is Samsung Electronics’ application store.  Revenue share is the standard 70%.  Samsung Apps is able to recommend apps from both Samsung Apps and Google Play Store.  Samsung Apps validates all third-party applications for malware and harmful content before making them available for download or purchase through the store. This validation process includes verification of installation permissions.

slidemeSlide Me – SlideMe provides initial new category and social promotion for your apps and works much like you would expect from a reputable app market.  There is also an updated section for when you update your apps.  According to there site, they have over 2 million subscribers and over 40,000 applications.  There client has been downloaded over 9 million times, not to bad.  Since SlideMe is preloaded on a number of Android devices, that 9 million doesn’t represent any of those preloaded numbers.  The models include revenue sharing, licensing fees, hosting, customization and maintenance.  They also allow screenshots and support most languages.  Developers have reported good numbers with SlideMe. – Submission is free, and provides a global market that allows you to creative, publish your apps, and enjoy the publicity you build.  They claim to have the highest revenue share of any market, 80/20.  There are other markets that offer the same share, but it is the highest we’ve seen.   It only has over 10,000 apps, but competition is low.  Developers have reported good numbers with

tstoreT Store – Tstore offers a complete dev center with transaction history, unit sales, and in-app receipts. Developers have reported some good conversions through T-Store.

vodafoneVodafone – Reach out to hundreds of millions of Vodafone customers through their Emerging Markets Apps Stores – The store is live in South Africa (Vodacom Apps) & Kenya (Safaricom App Store), with more markets to come soon.  The submission process is relatively simple.  They have a dedicated dev portal where you can enter how you will receive payments, upload edit and view your apps, and interact with customers.  Developers have reported good numbers from Vodafone.

yandexYandex – Yandex claims you can Publish your app on Yandex.Store in a matter of minutes.  They have multiple partner stores that you app will automatically be listed on as well.  They boast over 100,000 apps and allows payments through bank card or mobile balance.

How to utilize these Android Markets

This list is on going, make sure to let us know if we have missed any Android Markets, or if any are no longer in service.  Some of the markets above may work really well for you, others not so well.  I recommend experimenting with each and seeing what works best for your app.  Keep monthly statistics for each market and keep track of how well your app is performing in each.  Track conversions, and do everything you can to get noticed.

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