You’ve spent countless hours developing your new app.  You’ve opened your wallet for sufficient app marketing by buying ads on Google or some good mobile niche sites.  You’re doing some guerrilla marketing techniques in the forums and blogs, and of course implementing video into your strategy so you can get noticed.  What now?  Well, besides playing the waiting game, you can also be taking steps to fine tune your overall effectiveness.

We are talking about tracking your app conversions.  Much like monitoring your Google Ad Words campaign and fine tuning your keywords, monitoring your conversions helps you to fine tune your methods.  You’re going to need to install a conversion tracker, it’s usually installed into your SDK.  Let’s take a quick look at 3 Reasons You Should Be Tracking Your App Conversions.

 monitoring your conversions helps you to fine tune your methods

optimize your marketing campagn1. To Optimize Your Campaign

The basis of conversion tracking is the idea that when a user clicks on a link, it sends them directly to the app store to download your app.  The beauty of mobile app conversion tracking technology, it matches the user to the source of the link.  Who cares? Just kidding, actually once you start using it you’ll instantly be able to see a bigger more detailed visualization of what is going on in your marketing campaign.  Being able to see all the details of how your marketing dollars are being spent will allow you to adjust fire to improve your return on investment (ROI.)  The important part here is to monitor the data that is most relevant to your business.  Whether you make amazing games like Giddy Gem Crusher, or you make super sweet tools like Taggroo, you can tailor the data you get from conversion tracking to adjust the way you market your app.

see where downloads are coming from2. To See Where Your Downloads are Coming From

So you already know that app stores allow you to see some good basic information about your downloads, namely how many downloads you’re getting.  But what about all the bread and butter info you get from marketing tools like Google Ad Words?  This is also where app conversion tracking comes in to play.  Why do you need to see where your downloads are coming from?  Fine tuning. When you’re tracking your conversions you will see not only how many, but also when and where.  Are most of your downloads happening in the afternoon?  Start spending the bulk of your marketing dollars in the afternoon.  Are the majority of your downloads happening in a specific region?  You guessed it, make that region your baseline for the rest of your marketing campaign.

analyze real time data3.  To Analyze Real-Time Data

Ok, now let’s talk about the exciting topic of real-time data.  You’ll be getting so much real-time data you’ll have it coming out your ears!  Maybe.  Well  probably not, I’m not sure if that’s even possible. But seriously, by tracking your conversions you’ll be able to conduct some of that sophisticated analysis you’ve been wanting to try.   You’ll be able to plan ahead for fluctuations in the seasons, identify the best day of the week for your marketing, and get creative on the way you get noticed.  A great example would be that new video you got made to show off your app.  If all that real-time data points you towards Thursday as the day the most users are tuning into content like yours, well that would be a great day to push a new Tweet featuring your video.   And as I mentioned above, since you know the best times of the day too, you can see how powerful all this data can be.  Imagine users logging into their favorite social network just in time to see YOU post a relevant topic that THEY’RE interested in.

And there you have it, the 3 Reasons You Should Be Tracking Your App Conversions  We are fortunate to work with a ton of app developers, so we’re constantly looking for ways to help them out.  After all, what’s the point of spending your money on marketing, like a video or ads, if you don’t know how to effectively use it.  Here is a link to an article that goes into more of the nitty gritty of getting started with app conversion tracking.


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