YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, following the footsteps of Google. And if you are marketing, you need these few tips on how to get your video ranked higher in search results:

1.    Set up a wise SEO strategy

This is the chief ingredient you need before uploading your video to YouTube.  It also happens to be the most inexpensive and simplest way to allow the search engine and all your potential viewers to find your video from the millions of others. A good SEO strategy will not only work to put your video on top of YouTube’s search results, but also on Google’s! Be smart while managing your keywords, thumbnails and tags in order to secure your YouTube marketing.

2.    Interesting and explanatory titles

You need to think of the title as a “headline”. This helps your audience to understand the content of the video quickly so you need to be sure to pick out appropriate keywords which summarize your content precisely. Also avoid titles which trick viewers into watching a video. This is a huge drop-off and can negatively affect your reputation.

3.    Get the right thumbnails

Thumbnails are basically just a small marketing banner for your video. They give the viewers a glance of what they can expect of your video and especially highlights the quality of the video. So make sure the thumbnail you choose for your video is attractive and has a high resolution. You can also check your thumbnail on different devices in order to make sure they look perfect everywhere.

4.    Give precise yet detailed descriptions

This a very important element for the SEO ranking of your video. It allows the users to understand what you’re your video is actually about. The description is also displayed under the title when someone searches for a video. This makes it a huge contributing factor to which video the viewer opts to open and view. In the video description, you can also provide a link to your website where they may be able to look at other work you might have done. And finally, you must include catchy keywords which Google can use in order to improve the search ranking of your video in its search engine.

5.    Use descriptive tags

The tags you label on your video is what all the people will use in order to find your video in a search engine. You must make sure your tags are not only accurate but also consistent. You need to put the most important keywords first, use quotes if you want to use keyword phrases and add long-tail keywords for example “best android social apps”.

After following these tips, within no time, you will be able to see the huge increase in the number of views your video gets. And as a test, you can even search for the keywords you have used and see how well you are ranking in the search engine results.  Get your video ranked higher today!

My name is Craig. Apps and websites are inspiring and the things people are doing with them are out of this world. Stoked to to be a part of it all. If i’m not in the studio i’m on the water or in the shop building boards.
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