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iPad Version iOS App Preview

Add the iPad option to also get the iPad version of your iOS app preview for submission to The App Store.


Add subtitles to your demo video. App demo video only.


You can substitute a Google Play video instead of the Apple App Store video!

Get an amazing 1 minute app demo video AND an iOS app preview in ALL iPhone sizes at a discount!  Why do you want both?  Because a full featured app demo video is perfect for marketing all across the web.  Put it on your website, social media, blog, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, Vimeo, etc…and share it with the world.  iOS app previews on the other hand are perfect for the Apple app store.  As a matter of fact, this is the ONLY type of video you can put on the app store due to Apple’s strict requirements.  Due to the strict requirements, there are many things that cannot be shown in an iOS app preview.  That’s why we do not recommend using an iOS app preview for general marketing purposes.

*you also have the option of adding the iPad version as well.

iOS App Preview = The Apple App Store

App Demo Video = Everywhere Else

App Demo Videos contain crisp live screen recordings of your app in action with narration by a professional voice over.  App demo videos are the quintessential marketing tool for your mobile app. App demo videos help increase downloads, increase customer retention, and provide a world of benefits when used properly.  They can be strictly demonstrational for current users of your app.  Or they can be created with a more promotional feel to help generate new users.  Snappdemo has spent years perfecting the “perfect” app demo video without breaking your bank.  That’s because we meticulously source some of the best values in graphics, resources, and talent.  In about 7 days, you’ll have a 100% professional app demo video, fully personalized for your needs.  Absolutely NO generic templates.  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s show the world your app in action!

iOS app previews meet Apple’s strict guidelines for video on the app store.  This includes ALL iPhone versions and sizes needed to upload to the the app store. Apple does have some strict requirements for iOS app previews.  Snappdemo has been working with Apple ever since the release and have managed a near perfect submission record.  That’s primarily because we follow Apple’s guidelines to a “T,” we don’t take a lot of chances.  We know the app approval and submission process is hard enough, that’s why we make sure to err on the side of caution when creating iOS app previews.  This way, your videos will be accepted MUCH faster so your app can get in the hands of even more users.  The bottom line, you really do need video on the iOS app store to increase search optimization, help retain users, and even sell your app to new users.  This is just about the most hassle-free, convenient solution to get it all done professionally and on time.  Let’s show the app store your app in action!


  1. Paul (Stable Hub)

    Snapp Demo done an amazing job on both my demonstration and iOS videos. They were very thorough and definitely did research on my APP before writing the script.. Easy to deal with and very efficient and 100% recommended !!

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