I’m really glad somebody asked this question, I needed a reason to drink more coffee and type.  If you read our blog posts, you know how much I work with amazing app developers.  Honestly, that’s one of the best things about this job, besides the caffeine of course.  Right now I want to explore some of the details about App demo videos, and what makes them different from all the buzz word videos you hear about online.  Much like great apps from great developers, app demo videos sometimes get lost in the crowd of overhyped marketing mumbo jumbo.  A good App Demo video can be a great promoter, demonstrator, marketer, and even a storyteller.  So here we go, what exactly is an app demo video?

 A good App Demo video can be a great promoter, demonstrator, marketer, and even a storyteller

1394098507_bullhorn1. It is a promoter– an app demo video above anything else is a commercial.  Yes, it can be tweaked and aligned in many different ways to achieve a specific goal, like demonstrating the sign up procedures for your app, or promoting a new feature you’ve recently added.  But the heart of an app demo video is in promotion.  It’s about getting noticed and getting people to discover your amazing product.  Video demonstrates value to the viewer, and gives instant credibility.  Even if you think your app is so simple that there’s no way you would need a demo video, rethink your definition of a demo video.  ALL video shows up higher in search engines than text.  ANYONE would rather watch a video than read a page full of text, no matter what the subject.  Whatever it is you want to say, say it in a video too.

1394325437_hand-up2. It is a demonstrator – ok this one is obvious, app demo videos actually demonstrate things.  Well, yeah.  It’s such a simple way to show viewers what exactly it is that your app does, that new special feature, or what makes you so valuable.  The great thing about app demo videos is that they generally use your actual app to demonstrate your message.  This is important because it gives viewers a realistic idea of what it’s like actually interacting with your app on a device.  Other videos, like explainer videos, don’t actually show viewers what your app is like.  Explainer videos present an idea with animations, graphics, and cartoons.  Explainer videos are great for certain situations, but because of the price tag the average startup or indie developer can’t afford explainer videos, nor should they have to.  App demo videos can achieve everything and more for a fraction of the price.  You can probably even do one yourself with just a few resources and technical know how.

1394098623_video3. It is a marketer – Yes, all video is definitely a marketer, there’s no question there.  BUT, the difference is the marketing strategy and the Marketing budget.  In a perfect world, you could pay $1000 for 1 video and your business will skyrocket.  Orders will pile up, and frankly you wouldn’t be able to keep up.  That 1 video would be the catalyst that sends your business into the stratosphere.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Much like dieting, or getting rich, there is no magic pill that will instantly transform your business into greatness.  Marketing is a constant pursuit.  An ongoing phenomenon that builds on every stage you present to the customer.  Video is a big part of this process, and is no different.  1 video will help a ton, and you will notice a big difference in traffic, but most of the time you’ll want to continue with a video campaign.  When you’re making multiple videos over long periods of time you can’t afford to spend $1000 per video, unless of course you’re a corporation.  That’s why I always recommend going the more affordable route, rather than spending the big money, as long as you don’t sacrifice quality.  You could have a bunch of app demo videos for the price of 1 expensive video.  What type of marketing budget do you have?

1394098650_computer4. It is a Storyteller – No way!  How can  demo video tell a story?  Well it can, by using a professional voice over, combined with music, sound, and graphics from your product.  A demo is just like any commercial, it has the ability to relay whatever message you want.  The important thing is to know what direction you want to go with your video.  Do you want to tell a story that shows how relevant your feature is?  No problem.  It’s just a matter of forging the perfect script and matching it up with the perfect voice over. After that, it’s just a matter of creating the motion on screen to dance.  There are other options for telling a story of course.  Explainer videos actually shine in this department with videos like “This is Mary,” but most people just cant afford a professional made studio quality explainer video.  You can find affordable ones however, and Blue Fortress Media can actually create them on a budget if you would like one for yourself.

There you have it.  Hopefully this helped to shed some light on what an app demo video is and some differences between an app demo and some of the other marketing videos out there.  If you would like some good examples of app demo videos, check out this channel, it features videos created for some top rated developers.

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