Is your app on the Amazon App Store? It probably should be.

Amazon App Store vs. The Big Guys

Everyone knows about Google Play and the iOS app store, it’s understandable since they have over 1.4 million apps between the two of them.  How many apps does the Amazon app store have on it?  About 75,000.

That sounds depressing in comparison, but if you look at it from another perspective it’s actually very promising.  It’s no secret that there is becoming an over saturation of apps in the market.  It’s getting difficult to stand out from the crowd, which is one reason we recommend utilizing all tools at your disposal to sell more online like app store optimization and video marketing.

Taking a chance with the Amazon App Store

The Amazon app store gives developers a chance to enter a smaller app market.  As Google Play gets over 180,000 developers and the iOS app store gets around 210,000; Amazon has plenty of room for growth with only about 19,000 developers.  Simply put, there are far less apps and far less developers in a marketplace that is growing steadily.

In fact, Amazon recently announced the expansion of its app store to 200 countries.

Amazon recently announced the expansion of its app store to 200 countries

Amazon App Store: The Convenience Factor and Guidelines

It’s not just the fact that Amazon is a booming marketplace. Developers see the Amazon app store as a very convenient way to expand their sales.  The #1 selling Android Tablet, Amazon’s own Kindle Fire, is after all built on Android.  Kindle Fire quadruples the next closest tablet, the Samsung Note II.  Porting your Android app over to Amazon is as easy as cake; you just have to follow some of Amazon’s guidelines.

Here are the guidelines for submitting to the Amazon app store.

With all being said, we just want to bring the Amazon App Store to the attention of those who are overlooking it.  We have been putting Amazon badges at the end of videos along with Google Play a lot lately.  It provides customers an additional option to purchase your app, especially when many people have amazon points or rewards that can only be spent on Amazon.  Amazon also allows videos on there app store to demonstrate your app.  You just have to follow there simply guidelines for submission, which is nowhere near as picky as iOS app previews.

Here are the video guidelines specifically:

Video When available, up to five videos related to your app are placed on the product detail page. Videos will be embedded, so it’s important that you meet the specifications.
  • At least 720 px wide (4:3 or 16:9)
  • 5 megabytes (maximum)
  • 1200 kbps or higher
  • MPEG-2, WMV, Quicktime, FLV, AVI, H.264 MPEG-4

Closing Thoughts on the Amazon App Store

It’s easy to see that we think Amazon has a good thing going with their app store.  The Kindle Fire is, well…on fire, they are expanding to more countries, and it is easy as cake to port and publish. The Amazon App Store is a great addition to every marketing and distribution strategy for your apps.

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