So we recently read an article about general marketing trends to pay attention to in 2016.  That got us thinking, how can these trends be used for app marketing specifically, after all promoting your apps pose many unique challenges that other industries don’t encounter.  So after bookoo research, and plenty of caffeine, we present 4 App Marketing strategies for the new age.

1. Get Serious about Posting on Google +google +

Yes, I know, as if posting on every other social networking site wasn’t enough now here comes another one.  Trust us we know, as a matter of fact, we actually resisted Google + for most of 2015 because it seamed pointless.  But with YouTube integration and Google’s bias towards Google + posts, it is easy to see immediate advantages. You Tube integration?  Yes, on your Google + page it automatically lists all your videos in your channel, because of course you are implementing video into your marketing campaign right?  This makes it a breeze for customers to see all your content in one spot.  Plus, when you upload a video to You Tube, it automatically posts to Google +.  This is where the Google bias comes in.  Google + posts show up in Google search results way at the top and Google gives them like top priority, we see it almost every time we post an update.  Once you post an update or video about your killer app, don’t forget to interact with your followers.  You can get some amazing feedback for your app, much easier than on Twitter since Twitter is so crowded.

facebook2.  Become a Facebook Genius

You are on Facebook, I know you are.  Facebook has also come along way from it’s simple roots.  It still may not be the best option, but it is very high on the list as far as getting leads and interacting with your app lovers.  We recently discovered the Interest List feature.  Interest Lists allows you to see what pages your followers like.  Once you find out what they are interested in, you can easily tailor your blog posts, content, and even additional games and apps to what users are looking for!  Why didn’t we think of that?  Because Facebook is way smarter than us, plus we sleep till noon on weekends.  They provide an easy search called Graph Search that lets you search using strings like “pages liked by people who like bluefortressmedia” or pages liked by women who like bluefortressmedia”, or “fans of bluefortressmedia and risongdeadmedia.”  The list goes one, you can search for pretty much anything and gives you some pretty powerful insights.

blog post3.  Guest Blogging is Your Friend

You already have a blog, and I’m sure you post to it regularly, like at least once a week.   That’s awesome , your awesome!  The only thing holding you back is your reach.  Only so many people see your blog, and since you’re trying to get more downloads for your app, the more readers you can rake in the better.  This is where guest blogging comes in.  Since you’re already a blogging ninja, why not start posting some ninja articles on other people’s blog’s.  Why?  Because they have there own followers completely separate from yours!  So now you are not only reaching YOUR loyal followers, but also the loyal followers of the other blog you posted on, and the loyal followers of the loyal followers of their blog, and the…you get the idea.  Here is a guide we found useful to help you find other blogs to post on by using Google Advanced Search.

app video4.  Understand the Power of Video

Like we mentioned early, you should be implementing video into your marketing campaign someway or another.  There a million different ways to use video, but the main thing is to use it consistently with your brand, and maintain the same style and quality as your blog posts and app content.  Get this, in 2015 video made up 50% of mobile wireless network traffic and is expected to rise to 66% by 2017.  You Tube is now 28% of all Google Searches.  An internet user watches 186 videos on average per month.  Want some more snazzy facts about video, watch this.  The bottom line is, video is yet another aspect of marketing that cannot be overlooked.  Here are some ideas for your app.  Create an initial app demo video that showcases your new app or game, it could give an overview of the features and generate a buzz.  Next, do some shorter demo videos that show users how to utilize specific features, or how to navigate a specific level.  The possibilities are endless.  You can easily create your own videos by using your developer tools, screencast software, some graphics, and a little editing know how.  Spend some extra time making it good quality because this is one of the first ways users will get to see your app in action. Of course, you always have the option of letting someone else do your video, I hear Blue Fortress Media does an amazing job at an amazing price!

Ok, so I hope you find these techniques to be as powerful as we did.  Check out the original article that inspired us, and don’t forget to utilize these 4 App Marketing Strategies in 2014.

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